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Unfair laws allow rapist to remain in UK

I am still baffled by the idea of the EU.  Despite not having lived in Europe all my life, or maybe because of it, I find it difficult to understand… Read more »

Public nudity is legal?

A man posed nude on a plinth in Trafalgar Square as part of an arts exhibit.  When a complaint was made, officers decided not to intervene.  The complainant was told… Read more »

BBC’s suspension of bonuses for executives is only one good move

The BBC only half “get it”.  They’ve decided to indefinitely suspend bonuses for their top executives.  Wonderful move. (Wonder what BBC bosses think about it?)  I cannot understand how they… Read more »

Back to the drawing board, Michael O’Leary

No matter what you think of his ideas, you have to give Michael O’Leary credit for being doggedly determined to discover new ways to save money.  I have never flown… Read more »

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