Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Are there more gay men?

There seems to be more news stories these days about how men are becoming more feminine due to the increased levels of estrogen in the waters. It makes me wonder, are there more gay men around?

I’ve noticed over the years, as homosexuality has become more widely accepted, that there are a lot more gays and lesbians. I had attributed this to Hollywood, with more celebrities coming out of the closet, making it more socially acceptable to younger people. But it got to the point where it seems that the number of homosexuals was disproportionately higher than expected. Part of this I blamed on experimentation by young people, just because homosexuality and bisexuality was encouraged by Hollywood celebrities. Now, science has provided yet another reason for this apparent increase.

It appears that hormones excreted by women who use oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy are appearing in the water supplies. They find that fish have high levels of estrogen, such that the males are turning into females in certain fish species. They have also noted that men, in general, are showing more feminine traits and behaviors. Can this lead to an increase in homosexuality in men?

On the flip side, how is it affecting women? Are there fewer lesbians? If not, are there fewer masculine lesbians? Is it increasing fertility in women? Or conversely, is fertility affected in men? How would this affect the birth rate? Will it decrease the incidence of osteoporosis? Increase heart disease, strokes, blood clots? Will I keep my hair longer? Or will I go bald? Will I get bigger breasts? Bigger butts? Hmmm.

Since hormones and oral contraceptive use is only readily available in developed countries, the feminization of the population should only occur in these countries. Will this make these countries “weaker” in the military sense? Is this some covert terrorist plot to feminize the world and subjugate us? Perhaps, Hollywood will find a way to dramatize this life-changing (or sex-changing) event.

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