Saturday, 3 June 2023

BBC’s decision not to air aid appeal is right one

The BBC refused to air an appeals for the victims in Gaza. Sky followed with a similar refusal. Both say they want to maintain their stance of impartiality. I completely agree. Let’s move on.

Considering there is so much coverage on the complaints, there is no doubt the appeal is getting as much coverage as if they had been aired on the BBC or Sky. Why supporters feel they have any more right to get their agenda on the board than any other, I cannot contemplate. Coverage of the conflict in Gaza has gained worldwide attention. Surely, if anyone wants to contribute financial support, they would easily find the ways and means to do so without all this publicity attached.

Shouldn’t it be enough for these news organisations just to announce that such and such a group is holding an appeal for the Gaza victims? Must they air a heart-rending appeal to induce people to reach deep into their pockets to give? In these recessionary times, must we all be made to feel guilty that we may be a little better off than these unfortunates? Many of us are still unemployed, yet they want us to share our poverty. Let’s be more practical. Those with money know how and where they want to spend it. And it would be very noble of those who have even a little to sacrifice their own comforts to provide for others. But if the Gaza victims deserve a special appeal on air, then all other charities should get their chance as well. None of us would want to be inundated with all that.

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