Wednesday, 22 March 2023

BBC’s suspension of bonuses for executives is only one good move

The BBC only half “get it”.  They’ve decided to indefinitely suspend bonuses for their top executives.  Wonderful move. (Wonder what BBC bosses think about it?)  I cannot understand how they could have defended high pay rises in the past in addition to bonuses.  On that point, I wonder if they’re also freezing pay?

What the BBC don’t get is that they are creating a monopoly by issuing and collecting TV license fees for themselves only.  They do not like the idea that a very small percentage of the fees should go to their so-called competitors.  It just points to their greed.

What they also don’t get is that not only are their executives getting exorbitant pay, but some of their regular staff.  92K for a simple newsreader?  Millions for Jonathan Ross?  What are they thinking?  All that wonderful talent at their disposal and they don’t want to let go?  Puh-lease!!!

If they cut back on some salaries, they might have extra money in their budget and not worry too much about the TV license fees.  The quality of their staff would not be compromised in the current economic situation.  They know that jobs are limited out there.  If TV and radio dropped Ross, do you think he could make it on his own as a stand-up?  I doubt it.  He’s not that funny.  He may not have lost all his fans, but while he was gone, did anyone really miss him?

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