Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Blow out your candles

Mr. Davender Ghai lost his court battle for cremation via an open-air funeral pyre.  His lawyer argued that the ban goes against European Convention on Human Rights.  He can still appeal, apparently, so we may not have heard the last from him.  However, it was suggested that he fight his battles through parliamentary change rather than through the courts.

Yes, he has the freedom to practice his religion, but his religion does not require open-air cremations, so why impose on other people’s religions?  He calls this nation “squeamish”.  This Christian nation appears to turn the other cheek.  Why should he be allowed to call Christians squeamish?  He can make fun of our beliefs because he cannot abide by our rules.

This country was founded on Christian ideals.  There is no separation of Church and State.  European Human Rights need to take into consideration that although immigrants have a right to practice their religion, it should not impinge on anyone else’s rights.  Especially Christians!  OK, Christians are squeamish about funeral pyres, so it offends us.  Therefore, don’t do it.

Don’t argue on religious grounds.  If his religion really required it, then many Hindus must have been damned for not having had open-air funeral pyres.

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