Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Compromised investigation leads to failure

OK, Derek Quick goofed, so he resigned. But Jacqui Smith defended him and said that a police raid was going to happen anyway, so his actions, though bad, did not compromise police investigations.  However, all twelve of the men who were arrested on suspicion of terrorism have already been cleared?  What went wrong?  Did the police not have time to fully investigate all the allegations?  Because now it looks very embarrasing that no charges have been filed.  Yet, the eleven Pakistani nationals have been turned over to the Border Patrol to undergo deportation processing.

I can see why the Muslim Council would be upset.  If there is no evidence of wrongdoing, why are they being deported due to suspicion of being a threat to national security?  If they are a threat to national security, why are they not being charged?  Or, are they under suspicion because those holding student visas have not actually attended any classes, as some rumours purport?  Or are there other suspicious behaviours?  Of course, you can’t be charged simply because of suspicion.  You need evidence.  So it goes back to: was the investigation compromised?

If the Pakistanis decide to challenge their deportation, Jacqui Smith will have a messy load on her hands.  Maybe then she will curse Derek Quick.

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