Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Election analysis of the two-leg vs. one-leg race

In the same great tradition of modern-day political journalists, I’d like to contribute my own analysis of the recent political debate between the three major candidates, using the photo above.

The issues at stake in this election: the budget, jobs, immigration.  Scratch that.  Style, poise, eye contact, sound bites, tone.

Nick Clegg sounded and looked good at the first debate, but Gordon Brown and David Cameron came back in the second.  To the third and final debate, it could have been neck and neck, and neck.  Unfortunately, Brown put his foot in his mouth with the “bigot” comment.  That left room only for Clegg and Cameron.  Who would come out on top?

Looks like Cameron has his pope’s nose in the sky, while Clegg and Brown are watching to make sure they don’t trip.  Oooh, nooo!  Clegg and Brown only have one leg each to stand on.  Won’t be good for “running” an election.

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