Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Hair straighteners to encourage girls to participate in PE?

What is this about adding hair straighteners in schools to encourage more girls to participate in physical education?

Isn’t PE required of all students?  Can girls really opt out just because it would ruin their hair?  Why hair straighteners?  Is that the new fad?

When I was in school, you had to participate.  Depending on the sports involved, you also had to shower.  Of course, that was in the US.  But, my husband’s experience on this end was similar, or even more intense.

I’m not complaining about the expenditure.  It wasn’t much for a trial run.  But what will this lead to?  I know schools want to do everything to promote a positive self-image for everyone, but the idea that allowing girls to primp themselves after PE will get them to participate is silly. 

My daughter is in gymnastics.  All the girls there have to tie their hair back.  In their workouts, their hair will come loose and they will have to fix it.  But, they bring in whatever they need to take care of it.  I’m sure if “hair” is the real excuse for these other girls, they would do the same.  However, if the motivation for avoiding PE is something different, adding hair straighteners will not solve the problem.  It may take away one excuse.

But, if PE is required, why do schools need to encourage more girls to participate?  Why is there so much obsession over looks?  Generations have had to deal with that and they got by. Everyone knows that the more strenuous the physical activity, the more likely that your hair will be messed up; and no one can criticise your hair if you have been working out. On PE days, don’t dress your hair like you’re going out on a hot date.

Maybe the best way to promote positive self-image is to encourage girls to accept their looks and not doll themselves up.  After all, it can be a shocker for some people to discover what’s under all that makeup and hair.

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