Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Inadequate Home Office is real reason for Smith’s resignation

While everyone is still discussing expenses scandal, calling elections, ministers resigning, and Labour party disintegration, there are a few wondering who is running the country?

Apparently, the country is running itself.  Does it mean we do not need a government?

No, but we do need to be careful of what kind of government we are asking for.  We definitely don’t want any more empty promises or outright lies.  Our current government thinks that we, the ignorant public, are going to believe everything that it dishes out through the state media that is the BBC.

I mean, who really believes that Jacqui Smith did a “fantastic” or “outstanding” job (words of Mr. Gordon Brown and Ms. Harriet Harman) as Home Secretary?  Today’s conviction of three illegal immigrants highlights the inadequacies of the Home Office.  Or, is that not an indictment of Ms. Smith’s abilities?  It was the prosecutor, not the media, who called the system “shambolic”.  Even the judge criticised the government office.  So, Ms. Smith stepping down had nothing to do with the expenses scandal.  Nor did it have to do with “family pressures”.

And Ms. Blears?  Supposedly, Mr. Brown, though critical of her expenses, was fully supportive of her.  She, herself, liked to point that out to the media.  She even went on to say that the local by-election in her constituency proved that her constituents wanted her in office.  (How did she extrapolate that data?)  She is now returning to that constituency and concentrating on their welfare.  But what was she doing before?  I mean she referred to herself as Secretary of State.  Huh?  She is Communities Secretary, whatever that means.  She is no equivalent of Hilary Clinton.  No one seems to have a good idea of what her duties were.  Does that mean they can abolish the position so that they need not find a replacement for her?  That would certainly be one less position to fill for Mr. Brown.

As an outsider, I find the situation in Parliament quite unsettling, yet the government seems to be in denial of this.  Ms. Harman feels it is still business as usual.  But, what business have they been about recently?  From what you see in the papers, on TV, on the internet, it’s all about inter-party bickering.  No one’s really discussed political issues.  And they’re sending voters to the polls tomorrow.  That’s worrisome.

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