Saturday, 3 June 2023

Increased number of unusual accidents

Am I the only one to notice that there has been an increased number of strange accidents recently?  Or, perhaps, there has just been more coverage.  Whatever the case, although I may be exaggerating, it seems I’ve been hearing of at least one accident a day.  And, in many cases, the cause of the accident was completely a mystery.  Though most of the accidents recently were in the air, one very unusual accident was the collision of the British and French nuclear submarines.  What a disaster that could have been!

Though there have been no mention of terrorist threats related to any of these events, that’s always something that pops in my mind when I start hearing so many air accidents.  What is so concerning is that there seems to be no warning to any of these things.  The only one that seemed to have any preliminary event leading to disaster was the Hudson incident.  And that one, luckily, ended happily.  It was also very ironic that the widow of a 9/11 attack victim had been killed in the other New York air accident while she was on her way to set up a memorial fund for her husband.  These accidents leave lasting impressions.

Then we have the two military light aircraft which crashed into each other and then the helicopter accident.  Prior to all that, you also had the plane that crashed into the railway line.  What is happening in the air?  Some doomsday predictors will probably grab these headlines and claim that the rapture will definitely occur in 2011 (they’ve changed that date so many times now).

It is a crazy world we are living in right now, but I have my doubts about the rapture.  I’ll hold to Isaac Newton’s prediction of 2060.  But I still have questions about air (and possibly sea) surveillance.

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