Saturday, 3 June 2023

Is the African crisis being ignored?

The more I hear about what is going on in some of these African nations, the more I want to say “Let’s go bomb ’em”. It seems nothing, short of sheer brute force, will make these African leaders respond to growing international demands and sanctions. They are all self-serving idiots who want to keep their countries 200 years behind while they enjoy the fruits of today.

But political leaders don’t want more wars; they want to keep on talking. In the meantime, the general population of these countries is suffering. What will it take to make the politicians wake up? Will a mass influx of refugees to western countries make them realise that the situation can’t continue?

Immigration is already a sticky issue, so we can’t be accepting more asylum seekers. Yet, can we turn our backs on those who really are being tortured by their government for no reason except that those leaders are cruel and inhumane?

Maybe it’s because I’m not on the inside that it seems things move at such a snail’s pace. Or, perhaps they are moving slow because there are other issues on the agenda that are more urgent. Whatever the case, I would welcome the day when the leaders of places like Zimbabwe and Kenya are removed from power.


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