Saturday, 3 June 2023

John Bercow as Speaker

As I read the reports, and even as I was blogging yesterday, I had this niggling suspicion in the back of my mind that the Margaret Beckett frontrunner story was just a blind for the Labour party voting in John Bercow.  When I saw the results, I nearly dropped dead laughing.

Serves them right, I say!  Had the MPs listened to the people, maybe Ann Widdecombe would be sitting in the Speaker position right now, and there wouldn’t be any talk about Conservatives plotting an overthrow of the Speaker.  After all, she had promised to go at the next election.  But, then again, if she had won, they might have convinced her to stay in politics.  But, no, they’d rather not have done that.  Perhaps, they really don’t want her to stay on their team.  Instead, they get a turncoat and now, they want him out at the next election.

So, what has that really accomplished?  Nothing.  He has a year to prove himself or there will be an attempt to oust him, if not from his party, then from the public.

Who knows?  Maybe his arrogance might actually help him in his role.  If he thinks too highly of himself, he might not allow anyone to influence him.  Especially now that he is where he wants to be.  It’s lonely at the top and he should watch for all the daggers pointed at his back from all sides.

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