Saturday, 3 June 2023

List of people “banned from entering UK” is published

Is it right to ban people from this country because they hold extremist views?

I like to think that the intentions behind barring certain people from this country are good, but is it over the top?  Extreme views of intolerance and hatred are despicable when presented in such a way that you can incite a riot.  As any who reads this blog knows, I cannot tolerate protests and such.  Yet, I have mentioned that I believe everyone has some innate prejudices.  Just because it is not voiced, does it make it any better?  I am probably accused of holding extreme views on certain subjects, and if questioned by Jacqui Smith, she might determine that I’m not fit to live in Britain.

OK, I agree with keeping out certain members on that “least wanted” list. These people have shown by their actions in their own country that their behaviour is unacceptable.  They have certain political affiliations and have organised demonstrations and such.  Others are just a bunch of loud-mouths without any specific connection to hate organisations, so it is unlikely that they would cause that much trouble by travelling to another country.  Their language may offend some people, but you can’t tell me that there aren’t people in this country currently who are doing the same.  I am unaware of most of those named, however, but Martha Stewart?  She was not on the list but she was denied admission after serving a sentence for a conviction on perjury.  That’s going a bit too far.

Not all the names of those who were barred from entry in the past months were published.  Six names were withheld on what sounded like matters of security.  Hope Ms. Smith keeps that list under lock and key.  We wouldn’t want another important person to resign their post now, would we?

Ms. Smith hopes that by naming these people, it would shame them, and allow others to see what is not tolerated in Britain.  I don’t know, but it sounds somewhat hypocritical and naive to think that current residents of Britain do not hold unacceptable views. Or, am I wrong and political correctness is so strong in the UK?  But does it really deter hate organisations from sending in an ambassador with no known associations to them?

One thing the list has accomplished is that media attention has been diverted from the recession and troubles in the Labour party.  It gets very boring to read about Ms. Blears, Ms. Harman and Ms. Smith all standing by their man.  Mr. Gordon Brown, that is, not their husbands.

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