Wednesday, 22 March 2023
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Mourning the loss of a title

We had a name, a title that required perseverance to achieve. We contributed a substantial amount of hard-earned tax money to achieve this name. After all, it isn’t everyday that your street is declared the worst road in the entire county.

We held this title for five months, no less! They tried to knock us down once during that time, but we fought back. Alas, we failed this time. You should have seen the awe-struck expressions when people found out we lived on this road. The respect is gone from these same people’s eyes. We can no longer hold our heads up. We miss the opportunity to say to the police, “No, officer, we are not drunk!” as we swerve from one side to the other in order to circumvent this obstacle course of potholes while avoiding a collision with oncoming traffic.

Those days are gone. The city finally decided to repave the entire length of the street, not just the patch job. Even the grooved pavement left after the initial tarmac scrape-up was a 95% improvement on what had been there. Oh, what a loss. Our neighbors must feel it deeply as well. Three of them just put up “For Sale” signs.

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