Wednesday, 22 March 2023

My reactions for the week

There were many stories for which I could not dedicate an entire blog to, so I’m lumping them all into one.

1. It was supposed to be a 2p fuel tax, so why have fuel prices risen by 5p?

2. The price of tea has gone up due to a decrease in supply from Kenya, India, and Sri Lanka. Supply is down due to drought. So why didn’t these guys do like the Bangladeshi and perform a frog marriage?

3. Madonna’s adoption bid has been rejected. Since she already supports thousands of Malawian children through her pet charity, why did she want to single out yet another child for adoption? Her first one wasn’t even an orphan – she brought him back to visit his father – and this one still has extended family.

4. G20 protesters: Anarchists complaining they weren’t given the right to cause further damage and destruction? Geez.

5. G20 summit leaders: OK, a plan is agreed. Now where are you going to get the money? Quantitative easing?

6. House prices: Is it down or up?

7. Google Street View: With all those complaints, shouldn’t they just stop taking pictures? Privacy is a sensitive issue, but Google is only concerned with the bottom line.

8. First there was measles, now there’s mumps. But don’t worry, it’s contained, for the moment. All as a result of not getting the MMR – however, not because of the autism concern. It was due to the switch from single measles to the MMR and people were not called back to get it.

9. More Lord Ahmed: His legal team thought they could turn the tables on the victim. Mr. Gombar’s reputation was smeared when an inquest showed he had been drinking, speeding and using his mobile phone – all of which contributed to his accident. No one ever disputed that he had had an accident. But he survived that accident and was fully alive before Ahmed crashed into him and killed him. For Ahmed’s lawyer to say that if they had known all the circumstances surrounding the first accident my Lord Ahmed would not have served a jail sentence is utterly ridiculous.

10. Barack Obama’s aunt: With illegal immigrants, most of whom come from Mexico, being a major issue in the US, I wonder what Mr. Obama’s stance will be, now that his aunt is one of them?

11. Lewis Hamilton: You have to feel sorry for him. After receiving the MBE from the queen, he falls to disgrace. What must that feel like?


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