Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Obama vs. Kim Jong Il and Robert Mugabe

Can Barack Obama rival two superhero leaders of the Third World? The Western world needs an answer to these awesome men and Gordon Brown does not seem poised to fulfill this role. Certainly, we cannot allow for these upstarts to usurp authority.

Kim Jong Il, Leader of North Korea, modestly goes about his business, while his supporters brag about his athletic prowess. A week after learning to play golf, he outshines all golf legends by playing a round of golf with a score of 38 under par. Absolutely amazing, considering it was his very first full game. Had he been much younger, he would be considered a child prodigy. As it is, he can only be called an athletic genius. Even Michael Jordan could not have shined in basketball as Mr. Il has in golf. Not too surprising, he later suffered a stroke. That incredible skill displayed in his first golf game must have been extremely taxing to his body. Nevertheless, he did not require any surgery and came out of the attack with flying colors. His recovery has been remarkable and he has been reported to be in perfect health. Doctors and scientists should investigate his superhuman genes in order to gain insight on novel treatment for other stroke victims. Perhaps, these people might even be able to improve their golf game.

Robert Mugabe does not lay claim to any extraordinary sports abilities. He exercises his mind and mouth rather than his body. At his age no one can blame him for not exerting himself physically. But this man has surpassed all scientific knowledge and single-handedly has combated cholera. How many more diseases can he control in this world, if only we Westerners can leave him be to think out his methods. We should learn from him, not harass him.

How can any Western leader live up to these accomplishments? Obama is the newest up-and-coming leader and all our hopes rest in him. However, unless he can bring the terrorists to their knees, he can never compare to either of these men.

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