Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Public nudity is legal?

A man posed nude on a plinth in Trafalgar Square as part of an arts exhibit.  When a complaint was made, officers decided not to intervene.  The complainant was told that the man did nothing illegal.  Very interesting.

The man had checked to make sure before he undressed in public, so it’s highly likely that there is no law against public nudity.  However, I find that shocking.

I have nothing against the human body, but modesty should be preserved in public.  How could it be wrong for nudity to be present on TV during times that children may be watching, yet it’s okay for someone to be nude in public?  How could it be wrong for people to be nude on the beach in Brighton, except in the designated naturist beach, but okay in London?


  1. would you dress up a cat…it is bad for kittens…is it? Not sure
    If you told your child nude=bad then nudity is bad?? Just a logic.

    On the other hand no body cares about in nude beaches…where children run naked too…double standards…or is it about $.

  2. The person finding nudity shocking like it or not worships the man made things that covers the human body. That makes clothing your god. I am proud of the police judging themselves. That is a godly act that they did by not condemning.


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