Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Sir Alan nonpartisan? Shahid Malik innocent? Sir Peter’s duck house anyone?

Sir Alan Sugar claims that his new appointment in Gordon Brown’s government is to be non-partisan and that he will not be in the Cabinet.  As I understand it, anyone can be an advisor, so Sir Alan may claim that he is non-partisan in that respect.  However, why, then, the need to make him a peer?  And a Labour peer at that.  If he is a Labour peer, can he continue to say he is non-partisan?

On to Mr. Shahid Malik.  Of course, his government cleared him of wrong-doing.  Did anyone seriously think it would have been otherwise?  Who testified on his behalf and what “proofs” were given?  The public will never know.  Certain people in certain communities form little alliances and will always stick together.  I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.  But, if Mr. Brown had saved Mr. Malik’s seat, in anticipation of his return, why has he been moved from justice to communities?

Moving on.  Sir Peter Viggers’ duck house is to be auctioned for charity.  What an ironic twist to this woeful tale of MPs’ expenses.  Will someone actually pay to own this notorious claim?  Oh, well, at least the charity will be thankful for the publicity.

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