Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Sir Fred Goodwin’s Just Reward

Admittedly, it takes a lot of dedication and thankless hard work to ruin a major high street bank, but former RBS boss Sir Fred Goodwin is determined not to go unrecognized for his contribution to the bank’s demise. Late last year, Sir Fred, 50, who had stuck to his task commendably over the preceding years, called time on an illustrious career in the bank ruining business with little else to look forward to but a derisory guaranteed GBP 16m pension pot.

I’m sure you can imagine his outrage when the grasping oinkers at the Treasury asked poor old Fred to hand back some of his hard earned reward.

Sir Fred claims the reward was part of a series of gestures offered prior to his rapid exit from RBS in October 2008.  It looks as though Sir Fred will be sending a little “gesture” of his own back at the government very soon.

Today, RBS announced the extent of Sir Fred’s efforts, revealing record losses of GBP 24.1 billion.

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