Saturday, 3 June 2023

Slime attacks Mandelson

It’s been a little while, but another professional teenager has emerged from the woodwork. This time it’s the turn of 29 year old adolescent Leila Deen, who, this morning, covered Lord Mandelson in a green liquid.

It was an appalling performance from Deen who, in her 15 seconds of limelight, struggled to frame a coherent sentence, disjointedly blithering on with the usual stream of platitudes about impending doom. Such an embarrassingly ineffectual performance may evoke personal pity toward her, but little for her “cause”.

Reportedly, Scotland Yard have received no official complaint from Mandelson so Deen will likely escape a common assault charge. Four protesters who poured paint on Tory party chairman Dr. Brian Mawhinney in 1996 in protest at the Asylum and Immigration Bill weren’t so lucky. And Two Jabs Prescott administered some on-the-spot old-fashioned justice to a north Wales egg-thrower.

How did she get so close without being confronted? Security seemed non-existent for a high-profile member of the UK government. She simply loped up to Mandy with her cup of vomit, poured it over him, choked on her lines and sauntered off to the blacking-factory uncontested. Outrageous! Where is the focus on counter-terrorism policing?

Ms Deen later told the BBC “You can look back historically through the suffragettes, through the miner strikes, through all of the major changes. It’s about putting yourself in the way.” Will Ms. Deen now follow the lead of Emily Pankhurst with a lttle more of her “direct action”? If so, there’s a fast train from Victoria to Gatwick every 30 minutes.

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