Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Tests are easier, so students are smarter

The government is congratulating itself because the number of schools with low performance has significantly dropped.  The government had set a threshold level of 30% of students achieving five good GCSEs (including English and Maths) as the mark for performance.  They are extremely happy with this summer’s exam results.

Well, given that the tests have been dumbed down, all the government really needs to do is dumb it down even more.  That way, the remaining 270 struggling schools would meet target by next year.  Then, they can go into the elections talking about the wonderful success of schools during their administration.  Oh, wait, the election is scheduled to take place before the exams.  Oops!  Well, they could always say that given the trend of the past few years, it is likely that all students would perform well on the tests.

Given that the GCSEs are dumbed down, how is it that some schools can’t even achieve the target of 30%?  What is “good GCSEs” anyway?  At least a “C”?  That’s terrible.

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