Tuesday, 30 May 2023

The Fred Goodwin Gambit

There have been several stories over the past week or two about the immoral distribution of large sums of UK taxpayer money. Jacqui Smith, the current Home Secretary, is playing the expense game like a New Labour Heifitz, while lack of oversight by Lord Myners and his minors permitted Sir Fred Goodwin to pull a fast one and make off with a GBP 650K+ per annum pension.

As the ranks of negligent airheads across the government’s various legal departments now scramble to recover as much as they can of Sir Fred’s booty, I propose the Goodwin Gambit to solve the situation to the common good.

There should be a matching game. For every pound replaced in the public kitty from questionable government expense account activity, Sir Fred should match it from “his” pension.

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