Saturday, 3 June 2023

Useless, redundant MPs should be hired as toilet-cleaners

The Public Administration Select Committee has made some recommendations for “wholesale change” in the UK political system.  Though the BBC only reported on some of these recommendations, I’d love to see the entire list of recommendations.

One of these is that the number of ministers need to be reduced.  I agree, especially when some of them seem to be overlapping areas, or a big category broken down into smaller components.  It’s almost like the joke of how many ministers it takes to change a lightbulb.  I wonder if that committee also recommended reducing the total number of MPs as well. The same joke applies.

To reduce the number of ministers and MPs, we could easily save on salaries and expenses.  It would encourage those whose jobs were “saved” to be more cost-effective in their work.  Maybe then we will really get value for money.  Those who lose their jobs will then understand what it is like to be unemployed without any real-world skills. 

But not to worry.  The government can then put them in those public work schemes (which many abhor).  I’d recommend one where they go and clean all the public toilets.  Has anyone visited a good one recently?  I thought not.  Good, clean public toilets are practically nonexistent.  There must be a better way to provide better maintenance for them.  Maybe, it requires more frequent visits.  Councils would complain they can’t afford to hire more people.  But, with the money saved from getting rid of useless, redundant MPs, we can plow it into re-hiring these same MPs to do the job.

The only clean public toilets are probably the ones not available to the public.  I mean, why aren’t there public toilets in libraries?  I can only assume there are, but they’re only available to the staff, not the public.  But, since libraries are built by councils using tax-payer money, shouldn’t their toilets be made available to the public?

Some might argue that MPs without skills might be underqualified for such a job as toilet cleaning.  But, I’m sure we can provide some training. If they can’t use their heads, they can try using their hands.  If they can’t even do that, well, I suppose it proves they’re good-for-nothings.  Others might argue that they will take jobs away from other more qualified people. It would be interesting to see how many people fight for the job of toilet cleaning when more positions are made available.

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