Wednesday, 22 March 2023
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What is so special about Slumdog?

How many rags-to-riches stories have you seen in your life? How many variations does it take to make you sick of them? So, what makes Slumdog so special that it has received such adulation? It can’t possibly be the story line. It can’t be the acting. None of those actors and actresses received a single nod from any movie industry awarding bodies.

Could it be just simply based on cinematography and sound? Could such technical merit be all that is required to grab the attention of moviegoers and industry experts? Was it due to brilliant directing and producing efforts?

Winning an Oscar is the highlight for anyone in the movie industry as it serves to promote future works. In addition, the winning movie stays at the box office much longer as there will be anticipation of new viewers who wish to see what they missed out on. But I find it difficult to see anything original about Slumdog other than its location.

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