Saturday, 3 June 2023

Why can’t we all just get along?

I have been away awhile, but I never meant to neglect this blog. 

It’s interesting to note the latest comments – diametrically opposed viewpoints that serve to highlight the opinions of the two people mentioned in the post.  Yet, the post itself did not express any particular prejudices against one group or the other.  However, the commenters chose to interpret them in their own way and therefore, have responded in kind.

It’s a very sad state of things when the three primary religions in the world – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – are constantly at each other’s throats.  Especially when these three have a common bond.  They share the same God, though their beliefs on what happens from Christ onwards varies.  The Jews do not accept Christ as a prophet nor a saviour.  Christians believe Christ is their Saviour.  Muslims believe Christ was a prophet and Mohammed was the greatest prophet of all.

I can’t help but think of an analogy between the three religions and a family of four – a father and three sons who move into a four bedroom house.  The father is proud of his eldest son, Abraham, and showers him with blessings.  Abraham considers himself the Chosen One.  Unfortunately, Christ grows up and becomes a strong man and soon outshines his brother Abraham.  They both declare their love for their father, but in different ways.  Now, little Mohammed has watched his older brothers and their sibling rivalry since birth.  He is growing up and longs to be a part of that rivalry.  Christ no longer considers Abraham a worthy opponent, so he turns to Mohammed.  The father tries to appease the discontent, but to no avail.  Each claims he loves his father the best, but all show an equal lack of understanding.

All three sons have their own rooms, yet they cannot seem to respect anyone’s privacy, so they are constantly spreading themselves about in their siblings’ rooms.  This leads to even more in-fighting.

Meanwhile, their neighbours, Buddha, Brahma, Zeus, Odin, Wicca and others just shake their heads at such a dysfunctional family.

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