Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Why fear the BNP?

In all the expenses furore, many – including politicians and political analysts – have claimed that people are losing trust in their MPs.  As a result, there is a fear that the top three political parties will lose votes, making room for smaller parties.  Amidst this fear, these same critics are voicing anxiety about the BNP.  As an outsider, I find it quite bizarre.

I may not be versed in BNP beliefs, but my impression is that they are a very minority group. From what I’ve seen, the overwhelming majority of people in this country do not support them because of so-called “extremist” views.  So, why would anyone fear that this majority of people would so far lose their heads that they would turn to the BNP?  These fears are not expressed by propaganda journalists, but by credible politicians and analysts.  Are they so concerned about the damages that they feel they cannot repair it?  It’s almost like saying that the parties will lose votes to the IRA or Al-Qaeda – “highly unlikely happenings, but such a terrible possibility that we have to mention it.”  So far, it does not appear that the election outcomes will change significantly, if any (or so the polls suggest).  People are angry about abuses, but it doesn’t mean that it’s enough to get rid of their chosen representative.

With further allegations coming to light and more blame being put on the Fees Office, why have we still not heard from them?

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