Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Will Muslims rule the world?

It has come to my attention that a certain video on YouTube has had quite a few hits.  The video apparently presents some erroneous data regarding the Muslim immigration and the impact it has and will have on the world.  A piece on the BBC website attempts to debunk some of the presented “facts”.

I watched the video, Muslim Demographics, and it was done by an American with a very grave tone.  I don’t know where he gets the data and according to the BBC, it seems some of them have been made up.  However, there really is not a good way to prove or disprove them because the statistics and demographics have not been accurately assessed.  Part of the problem is due to anti-discrimination measures, which prohibits asking about religion and ethnicity.  This video, on the surface, is an apparent propaganda against Muslims – not necessarily violent or hostile, just an attempt to make the other groups of people aware of trends. He is trying to promote procreation amongst Christians.  I can see where he is coming from.

As I have mentioned previously, because of issues with global growth rates, the more responsible cultures have decreased their fertility.  However, it does mean that those cultures are in danger of becoming extinct at some point in the future.  Meanwhile, in underdeveloped and developing countries, the birth rate is still extremely high. Even immigrants in developed countries continue with their fertility trends, at least for a while.  So, I can understand why this person claims that it will not be long before Islam will take over the world.

In support of these claims, though from a different perspective, I also saw a video from an Egyptian preacher who claims that Muslims will take over Europe in 20 years.  His message was different however.  He attempts to tell Muslims that they can take over peacefully.  And that is very true.  With immigration and fertility, the Muslim world does not need to resort to suicide bombings.  Al-Qaeda can sit back and wait for their people to infiltrate slowly and peacefully.  However, this preacher claims that western civilization feels threatened by these Muslims and are attempting to do everything to drive Muslims out, even using the flimsiest of excuses.  He also states that westerners feel threatened because they do not understand Islam or its teachings.  Makes you wonder if they really know about Christianity.

There is likely to be some backlash against Muslims, not to mention any other immigrant group.  In fact, it is already happening in many parts of the world.  However, human rights groups will always be there to protect those persecuted, even if that group becomes the majority. So, will Muslims rule the world?  That is hard to say, but trends do suggest that they are the group that is continuing to increase while other peoples go into decline.  Yet, that does not mean they will be “rulers”.


  1. “That is hard to say, but trends do suggest that they are the group that is continuing to increase while other peoples go into decline. Yet, that does not mean they will be “rulers”.”

    This is such an deceiving article. Regardless if you are a proislamist or antiislamist you can be assured that the majoritiy will rule. In Europe countries the bigest (secular) group rules, so does the biggest (islamic) group rule in islamic country. In democratic countries, once there is big enough group of people that is suporting some sort of political system, they will be able to organise in parties and get in parlament and decide in what kind of country they want to live. It doesent matter if the country law obeys to some sort of moral law or not, if majority wants country be organised in way they like it (for example take nazi germany). It is very decieving to claim that majority wont rule.

  2. I think immigration is wrong. I’m not a racist I just don’t believe in it. If you have grown up in a country where women are oppressed and people have their hands cut off for stealing etc then you cannot I repeat CANNOT adapt to western culture. Simple as. I hate how no government figure has the balls to state this. Again, I’m not racist, I just think we should have listened to Enoch Powell a little bit…


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