Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Will suing the BNP accomplish anything?

The BNP is going to court.  Though I am not a supporter, as I’ve stated many times before, I still do not see the point of all this.

If the BNP are illegal, why were they granted the right to be a political party in the first place?  And, once granted, why were their members discriminated against in the job market?

And, let’s say that they lose their court battle and are forced to change their stance against other races.  Will any other race want to join?  Their political aim is for the advancement of the White British race.  Will members of other races work to support that?

What is the real purpose of this court case?  To eliminate the BNP as a political party once and for all?  What will happen to the two seats they’ve won in the EU Parliament?  Is this another instance of wasting taxpayers’ time and money?

If they want the BNP to include other races in their workforce/membership, that should be easy for the BNP to comply.  If they want them to change their political agenda, that’s intimidation.  No one is forcing any other political party to accept or reject a particular agenda.  And, the BNP is a minor party with a nil chance of ever forming a government.

And, once they’re done with the BNP, will they go after other groups, like the Christian Alliance? Maybe the Christian Alliance doesn’t discriminate against race or anything else; but would Muslims and Hindus join the Christian Alliance?

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