Saturday, 3 June 2023

Ann Widdecombe for Speaker please

Who should be Speaker?

Though it is up to the MPs, the public definitely have their favourite picked out- Ms. Ann Widdecombe.  However, she is not the universal favourite.

One of the reasons some might not like her as a Speaker is that she intends to only do the job until the next election.  Though that may be a reasonable argument against her taking the job, it is a rather silly reason.  In fact, she would be the perfect candidate for that very reason.  After all, why should the new MPs who are likely to be voted in not have a say on who the speaker should be?

The fact that she is standing down at the next election due to retirement means that her job would not be “protected” as any of the other candidates for the Speakership would be.  If the MP elected to be Speaker is not popular enough to be re-elected in his/her own constituency, why should his/her job be protected simply because he/she is the Speaker?

Another complaint I have heard about Ms. Widdecombe is that she voted against Mr. Martin’s reform policies.  So what?  Are they implying that Mr. Martin’s reforms were “excellent”?  I highly doubt it since he was against transparency.

Overall, the impression one gets from Ms. Widdecombe is a no-nonsense, intelligent approach to issues of the day.  If the MPs cannot see this and can only vote in favour of someone who might benefit them, then they lack intelligence themselves.

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