Saturday, 3 June 2023

Back to the drawing board, Michael O’Leary

No matter what you think of his ideas, you have to give Michael O’Leary credit for being doggedly determined to discover new ways to save money.  I have never flown Ryanair and I truly wonder how good an airline it really is.  I know it is budget but do passengers feel the “budget”.

O’Leary’s statements about cost-cutting plans have been attention-grabbing, but I know of only one that has come to fruition – the on-line check-in.  Most of the ideas are not new or unique.  For example, the “fat tax”, which has been suggested in other countries as well.  The US is notorious for this and obese people have to buy two seats.  It is a reasonable concession as morbidly obese people cannot safely squeeze into those small economy seats.  At best, they can buy first class tickets to get more room.  Though obese people may complain and try to squeeze themselves into narrow seats, they impinge on passengers beside them.  So, I have no arguments against the “fat tax”.

However, some other ideas are silly, like the toilet and toilet paper charge.  But, the latest sounds somewhat dangerous – standing tickets.  I can just imagine people strapped against some platform like the Gravitron at the amusement parks.  It may be okay during lift-off and in flight, but what about landing?  I think the safety issues need to be addressed.  Of course, Mr. O’Leary got the idea from the Chinese, so he should investigate whether they’ve had any serious liability issues there.  Then again, will the Chinese be honest about that?

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