Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Barack Obama’s lineage

I’m tired of hearing about how President Obama’s election represents an end to racial inequality and a victory for equal rights activists.  First of all, the election ended two months ago and they are still talking about it.  Yes, I understand the inauguration only occurred last week, but does the press not have anything else to say?  This is England, for goodness’ sake, not even America.

But the fact that the focus on Obama’s victory is his skin color really infuriates me.  Wasn’t, or perhaps, I should say shouldn’t, the focus have been on the fact that he was the most qualified candidate to bring America, and in the process, the whole world, out of a bad financial and social crisis?  Maybe, that is too boring a topic to pursue.

But the deliberate pursuit of equal rights issues undermines Mr. Obama’s intelligence and charisma.  And it shows the determined ignorance of the press.  Mr. Obama is a true African-American.  I do not use the term as it is frequently used in the US to represent black people.  Yes, I say “black”.  Most “blacks” I know prefer to be called “black” and not African-American.  Whether their ancestors came from Africa or the Carribbeans, the politically correct term is “African-American”, so some people resent that.  Even those with ancestors from Africa prefer not to have that association.  They have been born and bred in America too many generations to consider themselves anything but American.  (The British have a similar issue with Asians.)  For those who are of mixed race, they are called mixed-race African-Americans.  However, for grammatical correctness, I believe the term African-American should refer to someone with this mixed race heritage.  Mr. Obama is a prime example.  His mother was an American and his father a Kenyan.  He was of mixed race and not true “black”.  Furthermore, his father, hailing directly from Africa, was not a slave or of slave heritage.  His mother had Irish ancestors and I would find it very hard to believe if she had any slave heritage.  Therefore, putting Obama on a pedestal as a symbol of the new freedom for blacks and a nail in the coffin for slavery is quite far-fetched.  He had nothing to do with that.  With his privileged background, he represents nothing about the slave heritage.

To hear that people voted for him because they believed in equal rights or they want to show that a black man can overcome the challenges faced by those who descended from slavery is completely moronic, not to mention erroneous.  It becomes such a joke.  It’s time to focus on the real issues and stop this self-congratulatory attitude on the part of the black population.  Obama has shown that he has the real intelligence to face the future.  Do the people not believe that enough to recommend it?

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