Saturday, 3 June 2023
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Call to celebrities – Shop! Spend! Help!

I don’t know how Confessions of a Shopaholic is doing at the box office, but I for one, do not care to see it. After seeing Sophie Kinsella give a reporter advice on how to shop during the recession, the determination was cemented. Perhaps, she only meant to be funny, but it seemed that she probably was a real shopaholic and her advice was downright stupid. If her book is anything like her advice, I’m surprised it was so popular. And for someone to pick it up and turn it into a movie – let’s just not go there.

At a time when the cost of going to the theatre is so high, can they not come up with more enticing stories? A comedy about spending during the recession? It might make some people step out of their lives for a moment and laugh at the situation. However, it may also cause frustration as most people can’t see their way out of their own troubles. I’ll take a guess and predict that the story has a happy ending.

To kick-start this economy, we need people to start spending. People can’t spend unless they have money, or have the security of knowing they will have money. Right now, the only people who can REALLY spend are the rich. But are they spending? Are they investing? If so, where? I’d like to put a call out to all the celebrities – major to minor, aristocrats to commoners – all those with money in their pockets, to go out and spend their money and help us get this economy back on track. With all the publicity, Ms. Kinsella should probably have enough money to support her shopaholic ways. She should now use that money as payback to society.

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