Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Can atheism answer political crises?

It seems as if the war on terrorism is really a repeat of the medieval crusades.  There are religious undertones, whether intentional or not.  The religious ideologies at war are between the Christians and the Muslims. And, unless or until these religious ideologies are removed, it seems that the two will never agree a truce.

Yet, neither side seem willing to lay aside religious differences.  But, the atheist movement on the Christian side may push that side closer to the negotiation tables.  Will there be enough disillusionment on the Muslim side for them to approach the tables?

Atheism has been growing as more and more people become disillusioned about religion. Perhaps, it is in retaliation towards a particular person or institution which negatively impacted the person in childhood as the individual was being indoctrinated.  Or, perhaps, it is due to lack of tangible evidence of a higher being. God does not appear in a burning bush or call out from the heavens anymore.  Structured religion does not answer people’s common day-to-day needs.  People want instant gratification.  They need money to buy what they need, food on the table, clothes to wear, time to relax and enjoy life.  Prayers for comfort just doesn’t cut it.

The western world is more ready to shed religion because they are somewhat more “liberated” in their thinking.  They see the religious as being “superstitious” and “backwards”, words to describe underdeveloped and developing worlds.  These people hold on to religion as a security blanket.  And when another religion threatens their own, they will fight back.

But, if the west completely drops religion, will the other side do the same?  Christians have been disillusioned for a long time.  How long will it take for the Muslims to feel the same?  Can turning to atheism be the answer to the political crises in the world?  Or will Islam decide to decimate the others?

Once Christianity declines enough and Islam grows, will there be another major religion to challenge them?  Again, religion will set the tone for another crisis.  Or, will Christianity be resurrected?  Some interesting thoughts.

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