Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Can the NHS do with some reforms?

This whole controversy about the NHS is so pathetically trivial.  First of all, we know that the US has absolutely no clue about the NHS.  I should know – I’m American.  Yes, we heard all about universal healthcare and the waiting lists, but that doesn’t mean we know it.  Unless you’ve experienced it, you would not know about it.  And, unless you know about it, you can’t make informed decisions, nor can you make any judgments.

It was very obvious that the anti-reform campaign group in the US was ignorant when they mentioned Stephen Hawking.  That should have been a red flag for anyone to laugh at them.  But instead, we have all these MPs and MEPs getting involved.  And on Twitter of all things.  And the politicians comments are just drivel.

The NHS has been talked up in recent months and everyone says the same thing – there needs to be reform, more efficiencies, etc.  So, when it gets attacked, why does everyone suddenly rush to its defense?  Even those who have complained about the NHS are now defending it. Is it just because the ignorant Americans are criticising it?  Do you think the American system is any better?  Why can’t we admit there are things that are wrong, but it’s not as bad as the Americans think?  Why do we have to suddenly present it as the best thing in the world? Of course, Mr. Hannan’s “I wouldn’t wish it on anyone” comment is extremely inappropriate as he has not experienced other healthcare systems, either.

And the comments that the public have left: “The NHS saved my life” – come on, now.  Was it the NHS or was it the doctors?  Give credit where credit is due.  Do you suppose that if you had any different healthcare system you would have been left to die?  Yes, you should be happy that you don’t have to worry about medical bills, but the NHS did not save your life.

I’m surprised to hear all this NHS support now.  I don’t mean that people would want to abolish it, but I’ve heard the complaints, so I would have expected a more reasoned response and not this “I wouldn’t change a thing” attitude.  I once needed emergency care and it was the doctors who talked me into going through the private route in order to be seen urgently.  Afterwards, another doctor informed me that I qualified for NHS care and given that it was an emergency, I would not have been left to wait. So, even those on the inside have issues against the NHS.

Once again, the politicians are behaving so childishly by all this mudslinging that is meaningless.  Who can you trust to save the NHS when none of them would dare to stand up and voice concerns about it?

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