Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Judgment Day, 21st May 2011

Behold Judgment Day 2011. So another fanatical religious group predicts the end of the world for tomorrow, 21st May 2011.  I’ve heard many theories as to why doomsday soothsayers have been in abundance recently, and it only makes me shake my head in wonder.

Supposedly, these fanatics are Bible readers.  If that is so, doesn’t the Bible state that the end is unknown?  Therefore, if everyone knows the end and prepares, wouldn’t that mean that day is the least likely for it to occur?

Nonbelievers have pointed out: 1.) What is stated in the Bible is just one person’s interpretation of it.  The Bible stories have been retold and retranslated so many times, we cannot know what the original said or intended to say.  2.) What is meant by Judgment Day?  Is it an individual person’s judgment?  Is it the end of the world or the end of a civilization?  Is it the final reckoning?

One colleague says it’s the day when the dead come back to life to receive their judgment.  Interesting.  We’ll be having zombies walking about – if anyone sees me walking around staring off into space, I hope they’ll remember what day it is.

Another said that the believers will be taken up to heaven and the rest will be left behind.  Does that mean they’ll have another Judgment Day for the rest?

My question would be, is it 21st May for everyone everywhere in the world?  Right now, it’s already that date in Australia, so do we only have a few more hours?

If the end is here, I ought to play the lottery.  It would be the one day that I would win.

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