Saturday, 3 June 2023

Money, money, money

Though the expense scandal is not over, and Jacqui Smith has still not declared her true and accurate primary residence, she will be under lukewarm fire from the police regarding repeat offenders.  At least, the media expect it to be rather lukewarm than fiery due to an agreed pay rise for police.  Once again, we see how money can really influence someone’s behaviour.

And the same can be said of the criminals.  Why do we have repeat offenders, and what are we doing to prevent it?  Nothing.  Prisoners get free room and board and if they’re fortunate, or unfortunate, enough to be freed early, they receive compensation for the remaining days of their sentence.  No one gets out of jail for free, they’re paid to do so.  And if they don’t like it on the outside, hey, just commit another crime and come right back in.

But Ms. Smith will probably point to the statistics showing that knife crimes are down.  Or are they?  She will probably compliment the police on the wonderful job they are doing to protect our streets.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Follett retains her private bodyguards.

In other news, a secondary school headteacher, Sir Alan Davies, has been suspended along with a couple other colleagues, amid allegations about bonuses and pay.  First came the bankers.  Followed by the politicians.  Then, Lord Foulkes pointed to BBC presenters.  Now we have headteachers.  It won’t be very long before local councils and other public sector will be exposed.

Local councils have already axed many jobs and the union is angry.  The councils tried to work out a pay rise for their workers but the union did not like it.  If they cannot agree, the councils will be forced to lay off more staff.  The union bites back, claiming the councils have more money than they are willing to dispense.  Hmmm.  Where is all the money going?  To pay senior management?  Yet, I can’t side with the union.  After all, the workers may actually agree to a pay freeze just to keep their jobs right now.  It’s not as if the cost of living has significantly risen during this recession.  And isn’t that the real reason people get raises?  Or, at least, should be.

So, what do we have here?  We have a society that is ruled by money.  “Money is the root of all evil.”  This week has surely proven that.  In every corner, on every street, at every level, we see people grabbing all they can take.

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