Wednesday, 22 March 2023

More benefits cheats

I can understand UK pensioners retiring elsewhere and still get their pensions.  But why do expats need heating allowance if they are not living in the UK?  That allowance should be used to pay for gas or electricity use in the UK, not elsewhere in the world.  What other benefits are being dished out to expats?

Exposing benefits fraud could save the UK millions of pounds a year.  But the system is so flawed that people find ways to cheat.  A BBC report discovered that there are many cheats living in Spain, with one man discussing how he found a company who filled out the benefits claims forms for him.  Of course, it makes us angry that these people can find ways to cheat.  But unfortunately, the DWP have no way of investigating every claim.  They require everyone’s help to expose these cheats.  And once exposed, there may not be a way to recoup the losses.

So, should there be tougher benefits rules?  Should they target these fraudulent companies who know how best to fill out claims forms in order to get the maximum amount of benefits?  Perhaps, they should review the forms and learn to recognise certain phrasing that immediately trigger the suspicion of fraud.  Scams are run all the time, and unfortunately, there is not enough policing.  I am so angry that these cheats make the benefits program appear so foolish while the millions of unemployed cannot even survive on their Jobseeker’s Allowance.

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