Saturday, 3 June 2023

Muslim protesters should be deported

The war in Iraq has been controversial. However, the soldiers sent there should not be the ones to be held responsible for the controversy. They show their patriotism by doing their duty there, and no one has the right to criticise them for it. Whatever their own views may have been, if they had protested, they would have been branded traitors to their nation. It is a sign of moral support when the public arrives to greet the soldiers on their return from active duty. Again, whatever personal views the people may hold, they cannot take their anger and resentment against the soldiers.

The Muslim protesters who took offense and decided to create a scene at the parade in Luton are able to do so because they live in a free country. However, their antagonistic display is extremely insulting. If they have an issue with the war, take it up with the government. Their behaviour is traitorous, disloyal and unpatriotic. If these Muslims are British-born, they should be tried for treason and investigated for radicalism. If they are not British-born, they should consider leaving this country and returning to their country of origin or be forcibly removed there. Why should we tolerate them? Why should they wish to stay? If they feel the UK is a terrorist nation, why are they still here? Why not seek asylum elsewhere? Go ahead and claim that the British government is threatening your life and you no longer feel safe here. Just pack your bags and go. I’m sure the British people would be glad to see your back side. And, oh, don’t bother to pick up your benefits check.

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