Monday, 30 January 2023

North Korea belligerently continues nuclear weaponry; Iran’s election fraud

North Korea has continued to show its belligerence by declaring that it plans to weaponise its plutonium reserves.  Nothing is working to curb their appetite for hostility.  Yet, they declare that their enemies are showing antagonism. 

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-Il is not expected to last long as he is supposedly getting weaker from a previous stroke.  The question of his successor is still unresolved, though there were reports his youngest son was going to take over.

In another part of the world, almost half-way across the globe, we have the elections in Iran, whose results are controversial.  Both sides claim victory; however, the electoral commission has declared Ahmadinejad as the winner.  Of course they would, they work for the government, don’t they?  Mr. Mousavi is contesting the results on the grounds of voting irregularities.  As if that is new or unexpected.  Mr. Ahmadinejad may have the support of the lower classes, and Mr. Mousavi the middle class, but there were two other candidates who may have split some of the votes.  I would not put it past Mr. Ahmadinejad and his supporters to have rigged it such that their own votes would be counted.  It is a very corrupt country.

Iran’s voting is similar to the AV model and if Mr. Ahmadinejad is declared the winner, I think this is good enough reason to not even consider it for the UK.  Though, if the commission’s report is true and accurate, Mr. Ahmadinejad would win under whichever model, the fact that other parties may pull votes away, thereby preventing the overthrow of such a corrupt government, points out the truth that FPTP really can help kick out the incumbent.  Of course, I agree with Mr. Mousavi that there were most likely voting irregularities, but unfortunately, in such a country, I would not expect the government to take it seriously or for the repressed peoples to protest too loudly.

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