Saturday, 3 June 2023

Politicians show immaturity and idiocy in spending row and the BNP issue

Gordon Brown and his cronies are sounding extremely childish with regards to this silly row over spending. So what if the Tories have shown their hands?  At least now the public does have a better understanding of some Tory policies.  Didn’t the Labour party accuse them of not having any?  My only concern is that the Labourites will sleep on it and discover that it’s such a great idea that they might start implementing some of it now in a desperate attempt to sway public opinion.

Enough of this petty, “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You made a mistay-ake.”

And while we’re on the subject of idiocy, I think that the leaders of the mainstream parties need to reconsider how they are treating the BNP.  Given them little respect or condoning the demonstrations and protests against them will only further alienate those constituents who voted for them.  It is better to engage them in debate and present alternative solutions (if you have any).  We already know that the protestors resort to this behaviour because they are unable to tackle real debate and argument and if leaders hope to encourage this behaviour, they only show themselves to be as idiotic as the protestors.

It’s time to put political correctness aside and discuss sensitive issues in a mature manner.  What are politicians afraid of?  I have more trust in someone who can logically argue their points, even if they appear insensitive, than someone who hides behind all the PC rhetoric.  That’s the problem with society.  At the risk of sounding like one of those PC-haters who blame everything on PC, I truly believe that we have created a very false world where people have to conform.  That’s why we no longer know a person inside and out, and trust is so superficial.

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  1. Just happened upon this site.

    Very interesting reading and I admire your style, fool. You are definitely reflecting what a lot of people feel and stating it in a very eloquent manner.


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