Saturday, 3 June 2023

Sanctions against North Korea?

When politicians talk of sanctions, my reaction is a lot of eyeball rolling.  Why?  Because, although it is diplomatic, it seems so worthless.  I have yet to see how it can make belligerent people stop and listen.  And it seems that it is the belligerent ones who get the sanctions.

Look at the result of the G20 summit.  They talked a lot of nonsense about sanctions against tax havens.  Yeah?  What has changed?  Nothing.

The US and the UN have been discussing sanctions against North Korea.  Result: nuclear testing.  These people are BELLIGERENT!  The more talk of sanctions, the more they cry, “Poor us!  Look at how hostile everyone is to us.”.

The UK may not care so much.  It’s more of a US-South Korea issue against North Korea.  Attention is on the UN and US reactions, but any actions by North Korea is bound to affect the entire world.  Especially if they threaten to use nuclear bombs.

Should North Korea and Iran join forces to use their nuclear weapons, we could see WWIII.  Some will argue that it would never reach that state because the US and its allies have even more weapons.  But the US are not likely to perform further preemptive attacks.  They’ve learned their lesson in recent history.

So, what does that mean?  Are they going to wait to see if North Korea launches a full-scale attack before they do anything?  Yes, there are special UN meetings, but do you seriously think the North Koreans will listen to anything?  They’re waiting for the world to beg them for mercy.

Yet, we can’t bend over backwards to appease them.  They are overgrown, immature brats!  How can they expect anyone to be friendly towards them when they continually show themselves to be unreasonable.

What the North Koreans need is a change of leaders and a change of government.  It’s unfortunate that the public is probably brainwashed to go along with whatever their government wants.  I’m sure they are as unhappy in their lot as most suppressed people are.

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