Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Strip them of knighthoods and peerages

The political leaders are so keen on getting supporters that they jump the gun to honour certain people with knighthoods and peerages. It used to be that knighthoods were conferred on members who have shown exemplary dedication in their field over a lifetime. These knighthoods became a distinction that many strive for. Now, it seems the Queen is rushed into distinguishing younger members, who then go on to prove their unworthiness. It is an embarrassment. Did they learn nothing from the Mugabe incident?

Similarly, political leaders like to get their supporters into the House of Lords by getting them appointed as life peers. What are the grounds for appointing anyone as a Lord? It seems like nothing. Take Jeffrey Archer, for example. More recently, Lord Ahmed. Further embarrassment. Can these “˜lords’ be stripped of their titles? They can be kicked out of Parliament, at least until they serve their sentences, but they can always come back. There is no way to shame or humiliate them enough so that they don’t come back.

So, the answer is to strip them of all honour. It’s too bad there is no “˜dishonour roll’. Sir Fred Goodwin and Lord Ahmed should be asked to turn in their robes.

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