Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Talks begin on change in monarchy laws

Well, the PM and the Palace have begun talks about possibly changing the monarchy laws. Wonder what the outcome will be? It seems that many are in favour of giving women equal rights in terms of inheriting the title. That is, both the public and those in parliament.

The Catholic issue is another story. Most of the public are in favour of allowing heirs to the throne to marry Catholics, but MPs are not so sure. This may be because the public would still want the monarch to be non-Catholic, as he/she represents the head of the Church of England. The MPs are probably grappling with the issue of what would happen in an inter-faith marriage, especially as it pertains to the offspring, who would be in line for the throne. Also, it brings up the issue of conversion from one faith to the other. However, if they allow the heir to marry a Catholic, but still enforce the rule that the heir cannot be a Catholic, then I see no issue with it. But I think they also need to clarify that the heir cannot be any other religion as well, Protestant or otherwise. After all, England is now full of many different faiths (Muslim, Hindu, etc.). Seems nobody else even considers that possibility.

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