Tuesday, 30 May 2023

The impact of the BNP, turds and more turds

I didn’t think it was possible, but the BNP did get two seats in the EU Parliament.  Was it because of all the negative attention it was getting?  After all, everyone, regardless of their political affiliation, kept warning that the BNP might get votes.  Well, guess what, that made people think, “yeah, that’s how I’ll protest”.  Though, I doubt that is the only reason.

Today, it’s big news.  Everyone’s upset.  Big deal.  There’s still a big leap from getting your foot in the door to forming a government.  And the foot in the door for them is through the EU, an organisation that they strongly oppose.  Do you seriously think that translates into them getting enough support to make major policies in the UK, or even the EU?  All they’ll do now is disrupt processes in the EU and try to get it dissolved and/or get the UK out.  Based on the results of the EU elections, it appears that the majority of the British people (if you can consider it a majority based on the low turnout) want to be out of the EU.  If the Labour party does not believe this, then they should hold a referendum to get a clear idea of what the British want.

And speaking of turds, I’ve noticed an abundance of flyers posted about dog turds on public grounds and the availability of turd bins.  Though there is a fine for such “littering”, I still find turds everywhere.  That’s probably because no one can really prosecute without witnesses.  “Man, your dog just doo-dooed.” “No, he didn’t.” “Yes, he did. I saw him do it.”  “Prove it.”  Well, they can do DNA testing for this, but they’re not going to go out and do DNA testing for all the turds on the ground, and collate a National Dog Turd DNA Database.  In order to even make it effective, they’ll have to hold DNA data on dogs forever and match them up with what’s found.  I’m sure our government would love to find excuses to hold DNA data indefinitely, so this is as good an excuse as any.  It might make people more willing to claim dog turds, just to appear like they are extremely conscientious.  “That’s my dog turd.”  “I beg your pardon, sir, but it is mine.”  “No, really, I’ll take that, if you please.”  “I’ll take care of it.”  “It’s mine! Hands off!”  “Fine! If you insist!” – Splat! In the face.

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