Saturday, 3 June 2023

Unprotect the Speaker position

The Speaker election is on today.  Wonder who will win.  Currently, Margaret Beckett is front-runner – unusual, given that her name was hardly mentioned initially.  Of course, now there are rumours that Labour whips are out in force to make this happen.

Of course, I have voiced my own opinions on who I think should be given the job, but MPs are not going to listen.  Most, if not all, do not like the idea of an interim MP.  I guess they’d rather give someone a permanent position regardless of how popular they are in their own constituency.

If they truly want Parliamentary reform, perhaps they should consider starting with the Speaker position.  Why should this single individual remain in power until he/she decides to retire?  It is quite unfair.  There is virtually no chance for the electorate to vote him/her out.  Maybe the issue of who should be Speaker might not be such a matter of gravity if this same Speaker must also put him/herself up for election in his/her constituency at every general election. It would definitely prevent those who may be unpopular with their constituents from attempting to protect their position.  If MPs do not want an interim Speaker, then the Speaker position should not be protected at general elections.  But would MPs ever think about such a monumental reform?

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