Will Muslims rule the world?

It has come to my attention that a certain video on YouTube has had quite a few hits.  The video apparently presents some erroneous data regarding the Muslim immigration and the impact it has and will have on the world.  A piece on the BBC website attempts to debunk some of the presented “facts”.

I watched the video, Muslim Demographics, and it was done by an American with a very grave tone.  I don’t know where he gets the data and according to the BBC, it seems some of them have been made up.  However, there really is not a good way to prove or disprove them because the statistics and demographics have not been accurately assessed.  Part of the problem is due to anti-discrimination measures, which prohibits asking about religion and ethnicity.  This video, on the surface, is an apparent propaganda against Muslims – not necessarily violent or hostile, just an attempt to make the other groups of people aware of trends. He is trying to promote procreation amongst Christians.  I can see where he is coming from.

As I have mentioned previously, because of issues with global growth rates, the more responsible cultures have decreased their fertility.  However, it does mean that those cultures are in danger of becoming extinct at some point in the future.  Meanwhile, in underdeveloped and developing countries, the birth rate is still extremely high. Even immigrants in developed countries continue with their fertility trends, at least for a while.  So, I can understand why this person claims that it will not be long before Islam will take over the world.

In support of these claims, though from a different perspective, I also saw a video from an Egyptian preacher who claims that Muslims will take over Europe in 20 years.  His message was different however.  He attempts to tell Muslims that they can take over peacefully.  And that is very true.  With immigration and fertility, the Muslim world does not need to resort to suicide bombings.  Al-Qaeda can sit back and wait for their people to infiltrate slowly and peacefully.  However, this preacher claims that western civilization feels threatened by these Muslims and are attempting to do everything to drive Muslims out, even using the flimsiest of excuses.  He also states that westerners feel threatened because they do not understand Islam or its teachings.  Makes you wonder if they really know about Christianity.

There is likely to be some backlash against Muslims, not to mention any other immigrant group.  In fact, it is already happening in many parts of the world.  However, human rights groups will always be there to protect those persecuted, even if that group becomes the majority. So, will Muslims rule the world?  That is hard to say, but trends do suggest that they are the group that is continuing to increase while other peoples go into decline.  Yet, that does not mean they will be “rulers”.

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  1. Time for all western nations to wise up to muslim migration as they do have an evil agenda to conquer all western nations and completely eliminate all Jews.

    The west should shut the gates to muslims peroid, before it`s too late.

  2. people of the west do not understand islam. most people who are not muslim live their lives with no meaning or a sense of belonging. lies, rape, murder, treason, greed and all other wrong things are powered by people who live in a society where their actions have no conciquences simply because they think that jesus has already paid for their sins. people of the west do not bring peace before war but peace through war. which is wrong. christianity to me is a joke, with a lot of mislead people, and this is why all that is wrong with the world today is because of christianity and judaism.

    trying to stop muslim people from imigrating shows the intentions of the christians and jews. just shows what small minds you have. to be honest i have a problem with christians being the majority and maybe the world would be a better place with fewer christians and jews.

  3. We could have world peace if there were no jews. That being said I don’t think we need to have another holocaust because the only thing that is going to do is, just like the last holocaust, only the good jews will be eliminated and we will be left with what we have today.

    There is no muslim agenda to take over the world. However the jewish controlled media would have you believe that. I can bet about a million dolalrs that they video you are referring to is made by a hateful jew. Of course jews get to go in front of the congress and the politicians and offer the same lies and distorted statistics to make laws that will one or the other way exclude muslims from any number of things, including entry/exit etc. Look at the wealth distribution. All of it goes to non-muslim countries freely. We are giving billions to Israel but when it comes to Pakistan or any other Muslim country we can only give them peanuts and little loan here and a grant there.

    There is no justice for Muslims anywhere. People are being picked up wrongfully accused of any number of things and there is no justice for the muslims anywhere. Lives are being shattered in the name of security, people are dying and shot at just because they are Muslims.

    The defense of one’s own country has become terrorism and insurgency. If you don’t want to get shot at leave my country and leave us alone. If you come to take my country I do have to right to defend it. If you don’t like using the oil stop driving your car and go back to your horse and buggy mode of transportation.

    West wants to make wars so that they can sell their adavenced weapons systems and keep their economies going and growing. They then turn around and blame Muslims for waging wars.

    The hypocracy never stops. Jews are the most hypocritical set of people and Muslims have been warned about them for having the most hatred for Islam.

  4. A muslim friend of mine in London told me some quite disturbing things a while back mostly because he didnt agree with them. His parents are pushing him, his brothers and sisters in marriages as quick as they can and also try to push for them all to have children(the more the better) to increase the muslim population. Apparently this is happening in most Muslim families, they are being told to have loads of children in western countries to increase the muslim population up in number and push the non muslims out! Seems like its working in London now too!

  5. Wow, this kind of antisemitism is what’s wrong with people like you. Eliminate jews and you have no problems? what planet are you from? Does alquaeda blow up MUSLIMS in Iraq and Afghanistan because of Jews? Does Iran forbid protesting against the govt. because of Jews? Is sudan a poor country because of Jews? Learn do admire these people you idiot. These people have contributed more to humanity than all muslims combined with their intelligence and kindness. It’s time to leave religion aside and see humans beyond the religion. America helps Israel because Israel helps America and has close financial ties thanks to Israeli technology and human resource not because its name is Israel. Look at how much money was spent on the palestinians and what have they done with all that? Literally blew it up!

  6. LMAO, that would never happen. There would be a civil war in England if the majority wagered to another race. Sure let immigrants come but as long as my country stays English and the majority, then i am happy. Muslims will never take over. Look at the oil countries, they don’t have an economy, no taxes. If they were smart enough they’d realise oil will either be non-existent or not valued with the new eco technology. They would have introduced taxes in 2000 so they could build up cash for the future.

  7. Islam is a form of demon/satan worship. Allah was a moon god (you can google this). Devil worshippers are slowly taking over the world (they are the ones behind pornography, the gulf war and other wars). They invite moslems to the west with open arms and more so if they have some money for the attorneys because islam is a form of devil worship. Since modern ‘democracies’ are communist
    satan worshippers; I would not be surprised if moslems took over many governments.

  8. Jesus is coming soon to safe the Israelis the jews the Christian and all the faithful.he will be king of king’s and lord of lords and he will rule forever in earth. Muslims victory will be turning into dust.yes Muslims will rule the world and will have only 1 religion and kill all non Muslim with the help of the Antichrist before Jesus second coming.but he is coming with he’s billion army of Angels and full of glory from the heavens and every eyes will se him and he will destroy those who destroy the world.

  9. If there is a god and i am not totally sure there is
    and if one of his commandments says thy shall not kill what gives him the right to destroy people who do not have faith which is blind faith if you ask me as people think they have the right to kill in his name and i quote[You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me] he is a jealous god which is a sin for everyone but him makes people kneel and pray to him which is vain and needie i dont think i could worship a god like that i think if he is real then he has made a few things he despises about him self sins he should lead by example he tells us to not sin but he sins because he thinks he is justified to do so as he created us

  10. Lol this is all funny comments lol i bet the Mayans have the answers lol year 2012 😛

  11. Well,That means you wouldn’t mind your guest taking over your house.About the money in Palestine, they probably spent it for the refuges thrown out from Israel.And why christian people helps Jews? They were the only person they heated most in middle age.If Muslim were as bad as non Muslim say,there wouldn’t have any of people from other religion left in Africa and Europe after 800ad .At least none of the Christians in Saudi Arabia.

  12. I don’t think Muslims can take over the world.They will have stop taking seamless western culture in their life to do that .

  13. What house are you talking about? Since you seem to take religious books at their word you should know that Jews lived in Israel since biblical times.
    Taken house- go declare war on your neighbor and lets see what happens when he gets you out because of the aggression instigated by you. Seriously, don’t you read any books based on hard facts and not fairy tales? Palestinians and all arab countries declared war on Israel and tried to annihilate it a number of times- what would you expect Israel to do? Fight and then clean the houses and give them back to the same people who declared war on it?
    Of course you enjoy ignoring muslims killing muslims. What about all these recent events in Egypt? Syria? Libya? Or is this also somehow Israel’s fault?
    Leaving Islam- religion is a great brain washing machine but Islam took it 1 step further to warn that apostasy, leaving the muslim faith carries the little gift of death. I guess you also haven’t heard of strict censorship in Islamic countries which blinds the people from the modern world.

    Yes, I know my words won’t change anything to you or almost any other because your heart is so full of hatred towards Jewish people. Some love Muslims got indeed. With love like this who needs war?

  14. “That is hard to say, but trends do suggest that they are the group that is continuing to increase while other peoples go into decline. Yet, that does not mean they will be “rulers”.”

    This is such an deceiving article. Regardless if you are a proislamist or antiislamist you can be assured that the majoritiy will rule. In Europe countries the bigest (secular) group rules, so does the biggest (islamic) group rule in islamic country. In democratic countries, once there is big enough group of people that is suporting some sort of political system, they will be able to organise in parties and get in parlament and decide in what kind of country they want to live. It doesent matter if the country law obeys to some sort of moral law or not, if majority wants country be organised in way they like it (for example take nazi germany). It is very decieving to claim that majority wont rule.

  15. I think immigration is wrong. I’m not a racist I just don’t believe in it. If you have grown up in a country where women are oppressed and people have their hands cut off for stealing etc then you cannot I repeat CANNOT adapt to western culture. Simple as. I hate how no government figure has the balls to state this. Again, I’m not racist, I just think we should have listened to Enoch Powell a little bit…

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